2 comments on “Safeguard Atone Validate Educate January is SAVE A CHILD MONTH

  1. I stumbled across this blog and just wanted to let you brothers know that arkansas is on board to save the youth. We have a few things going on in Little Rock That might be of interest to you.

    I currently direct a black male initiative at a two year college. I am working on getting the brothers on the street as well as in the joint to change the messages the game is giving our youth. Most folks think it is a waste of time speaking to the streets and thinking they will ever change. would love to get the dialogue going and start exchanging ideas.

    • Please visit our Another Chance for Success Program we may be able to help the Youth around this country with Transmedia Brandcasting Training. We are focused on helping develop multiple income opportunities for ex-offenders who have the capability and interest in making money in Social Media.

      Visit http://www.wcntv.tv and email me at info@wcntv.tv

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