One comment on “OnScreen Summit 2011: Kent: TV Everywhere is ‘Vitally Important’ – 2011-12-01 20:12:00 | Multichannel News

  1. Kent is correct in pointing out that TV everywhere is becoming vitally important. So many people are busy working several jobs and maintaining their family that it can be difficult to get in front of a TV whenever their favorite shows are on. DISH Network was the first to offer subscribers programming everywhere. I have been using their DISH Remote Access app for a while now because it allows me to watch all of the programming I subscribe to on my mobile devices. Wherever I have access to Wi-Fi or mobile 3G network, I can access my entire DVR collection and LIVE TV. If providing TV everywhere were all about “sustainability,” then I would say that DISH Network is already leading the way in supporting and supplying TV everywhere for their subscribers and employees like me. I just wonder how long it will take the rest to catch up to what is vitally important.

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