One comment on “Pat Buchanan: George W. Bush “Broke The United States As A Superpower” | RealClearPolitics

  1. Why are we not having a debate about holding Bush accountable for authorizing Torture, a human rights violation and a war crime. He is a wanted man and recently cancelled a trip to Switzerland on fears he would be arrested. Americans should hold him responsible for crime and arrest him and send him to the Hague. He gave no bid contracts to Haliburton (Dick Cheney’s last V.P. Job) that broke a long standing federal law that requires 3 bids for federal awards. That is a major crime in its self, but he also lied about Iraq in order to enrich his base and his self ( Bsuh’s recieved over 1.4 Billion from the Saudi’s on top of his 400K salary. Why are we discussing the truth and cleaning our own house? At the very least we should rely on the historic leadership of the Hague for War Crimes trials. Bush got over 4, 000 of our servicemen killed in Iraq, a war based on lies and pre empemted, meaning it was a war of choice not based on defense. Germany has continued to do very well caring for a long parade of wounded soldiers.
    Robert Newbern Jorgensen 2008 and 2012 Independent Candidate

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