3 comments on “England riots: ‘The whites have become black’ says David Starkey

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  2. I agree with David Starkey on the topic of many young white people talking in some unintelligible ‘patois’…innit. Our youth can be impressionable, and some tend to adopt the actions and speech of those either in their communities or from TV and media..eg..by interspersing every sentence with the Americanism ‘like’.

  3. @Margaret, thanks for the response. Could you name which Rap Video you know of that Advocates people going amuck in the streets in lawlessness. I am not saying that it doesn’t exist but before he berates a culture of expression, the Historian can certainly provide us all with a list of said videos that are being watched by masses that supports anarchy. I would just like to know!
    Further the media images are certainly pouring in from around the world, but that is the News Media Not the Rap Music Industry. When did using the phrase “innit” instead of “isn’t it” ever make someone go mad?
    No more than the display of the “Essex Girls” and their “bedazzles”. So as diverse as North London is to South London slang is a part of every culture.
    But let me say this one time. The rich diversity of all music of African Descent from the drums that slaves used to communicate safe passage from the bondage that has been done, cannot now be turned around as the problem, especially when decisions are being made without representation. I think it was said best by the phrase “No Taxation without Representation”: And as a reminder to us all, let me just post the history of that statement. Then ask yourselves this question. How many members of Parliament are of African Descent? How Many MP’s are of mixed heritage? For that matter, where is the representation that reflects the diversity of ideas which could make everyone feel comfortable. We understand slavery was a business. Nothing personal! Going from property to the White House a house built by slaves. By the way, this demonstrates how far we have come and how far a collective understanding that we need not feat, that we don’t understand.
    Back to Rap Music: Black Culture seeks a seat at the table of understanding. All cultures have their bad seed. Ask us about Bernie Madoff who knows what kind of music he was listening to? But can you make the connection from music to the evil in a person to perpetrate against others.
    The United Nations Resolution 64/169 was adopted that the year 2011 is to be THE INTERNATIONAL YEAR FOR PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT. And this African, will not allow David Starky not to back up his claims with the exact Rap Music or Videos to which he refers. Black is Beautiful and profitable! Ask the Tanning Industry.
    Its sounds like it’s time for a Cosby Show Awakening in the UK. And let me say this about my Jamaican Brothers who have birthed the likes of Bob Marley who is spinning in his grave and speaks to us today in “Redemption Song” or the celebration of Marvin Gayes “What’s Going On”, may give leaders a clue.
    The people don’t want to loot! They want to live and earn a living wage. Who wants Benefits? We want Prosperity just as you do? People of African Descent want to work hard and get paid for a job well done.
    This dear Margaret and David is the essence of our culture, and “yes” this is in our music. But Music reflects the times as a mirror of decisions made. In and of itself, Music is relied on as an outlet to express the inequality and injustices of the world.
    See my post on Africa needs Jobs not Aid. Click on the Kiva button on this blog and make a $25 Micro Loan. Again we know what works but when Rich People Bail Out Rich People on the backs of the Middle and Lower Class you are going to get a reaction.
    And it does not matter what is on their IPOD. Please keep those cards and letters coming, because we can only understand each other when we communicate.

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