5 comments on “The Downgrade: What It Really Means To China by Patrick Chovanec & A Must See Video: Understanding The Debt Crisis In The U.S.

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  2. If Chovanec was actually professor, his analysis might mean anything. But he’s another one English teacher. My university does not list him on the website, because he is not anything more than someone who teaches in English to we Chinese students who take his class to improve language and comperhendsion.

    Foreigners are not profesors at universities. They are invited for semester or year or two, for their language skills. China has plenty experts who we study with and enroll classes with. No need for foreigners to tell us about Chinese economy. We have others who do that, studied at Western schools, too. Not Chovanec, He has no phD. Good speaker, though. Very clear. Little accent.

    Also, he does not understand Chinese beyond few phrases. So how would he comprehend what China leaders do?

    Why Western media sees him as expert?

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