2 comments on “Global software piracy cost more than $50 billion in 2009 | Business | Deutsche Welle | 14.05.2010

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  2. I am a computer programmer. I had developed a software antipiracy technology. Actually we all know that in current times there is no security of softwares from being pirated. But I can guarantee that by using my software antipiracy technology no unregistered user can use those softwares. Some main features of my antipiracy technology are:

    i)UNIQUE PASSWORD: Almost all softwares uses some password for being registered which are provided with the CD-ROM cases of the softwares. But think that if four or more guys buy one software and distribute it among themselves along with the password. So each copy of such softwares can be utilized by multiple users. So I do not provide any password in advance for the softwares using my software antipiracy technology. After an user installs the software, a specific file will be generated (may be in the installation directory or desktop). He or she would then provide that specific file to the vendor and I would provide him or her an unique registration key. In this way only one user can be registered against each sell of the software.

    ii)CRACK FREE: Crack files are actually the executable(.exe) files of registered software. So when the executable file of an unregistered software is replaced with a crack, the unregistered software can not identify itself as unregistered due to the replacement. I invented an artificial intelligence using which the executable file can easily recognize itself as a crack in such type of software piracy.

    iii)KEYGEN FREE: The keygens are certain softwares that can covert an unregistered software to a registered one without giving the registration key by the user. They just simply hack the passwords from the registry of the computer or make certain changes in the installation directory to make a software act like registered. This hacking is possible as the developers of these keygens knows the common places of keeping the password by a software. I am not guaranteeing that any software using my software antipiracy technology is completely free from keygens but I can assure that it is very tough to create keygens for the software. Only a software developer who knows my software antipiracy technology can create a keygen of the software. Till now no one except me knows my software antipiracy technology as it is completely my invention. So such chances of making keygen for the softwares using my software antipiracy technology can be neglected as I would assure that I will not create the keygen.

    If you know any way to tell the software companies about my invention in order to resist software piracy then please contact me.

    NAME: Mr. Sumiran Das
    C/O: Mr. Brindaban Das
    OCCUPATION: Student of B.Tech(Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering)
    WEBSITE: http://www.dassoftwares.yolasite.com
    EMAIL-ID: dassumiran@gmail.com
    ADDRESS: Narua, Akunji Bagan Lane, Chandannagar, Dist-Hooghly, PIN-712136, West Bengal, India.

    NOTE: I had successfully created some softwares using my software antipiracy technology. You can download a sample software “C TUTOR ver-2.0” from my website “www.dassoftwares.yolasite.com”.

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