2 comments on “WCN Transmedia Group Honours: Herb Jeffries A Living Legend

  1. 5/28/11
    Learned about a great pioneer. Had seen the name, Herb Jeffries, while doing research for my thesis. He is surely a treasure and courageous to have survived that era unscathed. I salute you, Mr. Jeffries along with the Jazz Pioneers to whom I am dedicating my paper. jo …

  2. ***1/2

    Minimalism in art is clearly a matter of personal taste – one either loves it or loathes it, “gets” it or doesn’t – but what cannot be debated is the influence Herbert and Dorothy Vogel have had on its cultivation over the past half century. Not as artists themselves, mind you – their own dabbling in it proved to be both unproductive and short-lived -…

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