One comment on “WCN Transmedia Group Salutes “Africa Job Station”

  1. This book is amazing, and that’s because this woman is amazing. The book has been around for years, but Barbara is still out there, traveling and promoting the joy she has derived in her life for working for her favorite person — herself.

    I met her in Washington, D.C., at a seminar she gave, and in a desperate moment, I contacted her personally and she immediately gave me a wonderfully encouraging response. She practices what she preaches — she warns her audience that there are a lot of people out there who are altogether too happy to burst your bubble and try to convince you that it is your civic duty to work at a job or company you hate — and it’s because people are jealous and maybe even terrified that you will succeed and leave them to be miserable the way you used to be.

    Recently, I left a job and am freelancing. It’s tough; there’s just not enough work to cover my bills right now. But I am doing it on my own terms, and I would say that reading this book and talking with Barbara gave me the courage in myself to know that, if I want it badly enough, I can make it happen. She is full of ideas of what you can do and how you can use your strengths, and she’s more than happy to give you her thoughts on untapped markets — because, let’s face it, she knows that keeping her thoughts to herself won’t make a difference in the world.

    I recommend this book because of its content that never loses its timeliness. I urge you to find your dreams and run after them, and do it knowing that a truly amazing person helped to blaze the path for you.

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