One comment on “WCN Transmedia Group Celebrates 40 Years of “EARTH WIND & FIRE”

  1. Check it OUT~! I purchased this live DVD to watch Chicago take over Los Angeles. I had been to several Chicago concerts through the years and was wondering if Chicago could still reach the high notes.

    I have never seen such a pumped-up session by Chicago until they performed with Earth, Wind and Fire. I could see that the baby boom generation (yep, that’s me) in the audience were trying to keep up with Chicago and EWF. Bill Champlin and Jason Scheff struggled on many notes, but they looked happy as ever while performing. It was worth every penny to watch them. Jimmy Pankow and the horns, and Tris Imboden and the percussion, gave tremendous performances. My highest accolade goes to Robert Lamm when he comfortably sang `with soul’ “Does Anyone Know What Time It Is” with full support from my leading man Verdine White and EWF.

    Step it OUT~! I had only heard of Earth, Wind and Fire. The closest I got to their music was hearing the Tomorrow Land Band at Disneyland play the tune “Let’s Groove” through the years. I also didn’t realize I was that old. 😦

    The first person I could not avoid from the beginning to the end of the DVD was Verdine White. I stared at disbelief at this absolutely crazed dancer. On the other hand, was he an absolutely crazed bass guitarist? OK, which is it? His attitude from the get-go was “We are the Greatest, You are the Greatest, let’s Dance Together and be the Greatest Together!” He hypnotized me. 🙂

    Earth, Wind and Fire is one of the most talented bands in the World, at any level. The singing of Philip Bailey and Ralph Johnson is absolutely superb. I was dancing like an absolutely crazed fool on the couches, on the tables and on the walls of my living room (it can be done) trying to keep up with Verdine White. As I was gasping for air, I listened to all the hits of Earth, Wind and Fire for the first time in my life. Over and over again, this band performed each song with class, style and charm. The graceful and talented Ms. Krystal Bailey gave a wonderful performance while trying to maintain Verdine White (who am I kidding).

    BUY IT NOW~! You must buy this DVD. You will fly on Fire to the Windy city of Chicago for weeks after you get it. This is one of the most spectacular live performances on DVD. The ambience at the Greek Theatre with the combined sounds of both groups musically sharing their hits together was eclectic. Here is a secret. You have to see Verdine White shake it up with Robert Lamm and Philip Bailey when both groups play “September.” When you play this DVD at a party, there will be M A G I C in the room. Let’s Groove Together and Don’t Care What Time It Is with this DVD. Did I mention that Verdine White is one of the greatest performers in the World? We Wanna Be Free – Peace.

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